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    With the current lock down restrictions in place, we strongly recommend that you follow all government issued guidelines in relation to quarantine and social distancing. These games are designed to be played at home and within your own family unit. 

    ‘Life. Be in it.’ and The Education Professionals are providing GREAT GAMES free for all parents and families as an electronic download to avoid any possibilities of coronavirus cross-infection.

    We are aware that there will be people who will try to profit from this arrangement, but we believe that our communities will gain the maximum benefit from this arrangement.

    There are easy-to-read instructions on how to play 188 games in the GREAT GAMES collection – and by adding in  variations to rules and simple adjustments for the age of players there are probably more than 500.

    GREAT GAMES are not just to be played outside, and does not contain just ‘old favourites’ – there are newer games like Fictionary Dictionary, Jamaquack, Ditloids, and Buzz, Splot, Banana that will challenge the most creative and imaginative minds.

    During the last few weeks it has become apparent that some parents are seeking assurances that what they are doing meets the best interests of their children. In the short term, it might be an advantage for children to have a break from ‘education’, but over the longer term what things are possible?

    Closing schools can be a necessary precaution to keep students, teachers, and families safe. Although the coronavirus is thought to be less severe in children, it can spread to adults and people with underlying medical conditions that make it more dangerous.

    Keeping children actively engaged is crucial to their learning, so please see GREAT GAMES as a way to keep physically fit and to build better bodies. To build better brains we suggest parents consider the gently-graded, easy-to-use resource packs available from activelearningresources.com.au. A free, downloadable FUN 4U collection of 60 pages is instantly available when you join our email mailing list.

    When we have overcome the serious disruptions of the coronavirus pandemic – and we will – we believe that our children, our families, and our communities can become more appreciative, closer connected and more resilient that ever before.