We use the term ‘activity sheets’ because ‘activity’ surely means engaging one’s body and brain by providing opportunities for exciting and enjoyable experiences. A true ‘activity sheet’ can instantly generate interest and challenge learners … we all work more effectively when the task is intriguing, interesting, valuable to us, or even entertaining.

When you have chosen and received your download we suggest that you

  • select the activity required – there is no need to print everything at one time, but this is your choice.
  • use or access a colour printer – children like colour
  • print on 80 gsm A4 sized paper – writing should not show through to the other side
  • file any spares in an A4 folder – you can arrange you sheets in any ways you wish
  • be creative – make wall hangings; for learners with sight limitations enlarge to fit an A3 sheet

 We found that children took charge of their favourite activity sheets and organised and swapped them like postage stamps, so it is opportune to have a few extra sheets on hand – especially when cousins or friends arrive.

Note: There are hundreds of more user-friendly, gently-graded activity sheets at activelearningresources.com.au