The crisis of the coronavirus pandemic has already changed our communities – forever. It has given us all an unprecedented opportunity to permanently change the rules so that we do not ever become as vulnerable again.

To combat the coronavirus we all need to radically address almost everything we do – our roles and responsibilities, the organisation of our homes, the sourcing and selecting of our foods, our travel arrangements, how and where we work, the meeting of our needs to manage our health and need to exercise, how we pay for goods and services, how we access and arrange for education or  training, how we support and care for family members, and even how we position ourselves at meetings and other gatherings.

What we are experiencing now in not just a temporary disruption. It is the start of a completely different way of life.

The extraordinary shock(s) to our system that the coronavirus pandemic is bringing has the potential to help us to change course toward greater national solidarity and functionality.

We want adversity to inspire, not dismay. Maintaining a sense of hope and optimism is important, but community confidence in the measures that are being put in place has to be a priority.