Endorsement From Dr. Colin Benjamin

There is a limit to the capacity of TV and online programs to keep children happy without access to new ideas, age-appropriate games, user-friendly learning and innovate ways to mak the most of this challenging health crisis. 

Thousands of Aussie kids and their families will have to live more of their life at home while our nation attempts to prevent the spread of the Coronavirus attack.

Every household will have to share the family home and avoid feeling trapped, hemmed in, bored and grumpy - without knowing how long it will be before we all get to 'the other side'.

'Life. Be in it.' in the past produced a series of highly-successful games books, and has a long history of working with families to provide healthy lifestyle programs. Faced with hours of home based isolation, kids will need access to well-designed and enjoyable, education and entertaining resources.

To help put the fun back into family life, we are providing GREAT GAMES for free to every family who subscribes to our newsletter. Great Games builds upon the previous 'Life. Be in it.' initiatives. but also contains many new thought-provoking activities in the 188+ game collection that family members of all ages will enjoy.

Children, their parents and grandparents, neighbours and friends will be introduced to a mix of traditional Aussie games, favourites from other cultures, challenging puzzles, mathematical mysteries, science and spelling, and amusing assignments. 

I am confident that you will be amazed and amused by the comprehensive range of proven resources created by widely-experiences and Australian author and educator, Robert Palmer, Executive Director of 'Life. Be in it' licensed organisation - The Education Professionals

Dr. Colin Benjamin OAM FAICD MAASW
Director General 'Life. Be in it.' Australia Ltd.